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Lisa’s Success Story

“Growing up, my family prioritized education and achievement. I was taught to work hard and aim high. But when I was just 13, a traumatic event shattered my world. Feeling lost and confused, I turned to drugs as a way to cope. What started as experimentation quickly spiraled into addiction, consuming two decades of my life.

With each passing year, the hold of addiction grew stronger, suffocating my dreams and leaving me feeling hopeless. I struggled through each day, unable to break free from the cycle of despair.

However, at the age of 44, I reached a breaking point. Desperate for change, I sought help at an Adult & Teen Challenge Christian rehab center. During my darkest hour, I encountered a glimmer of hope—a divine presence that offered solace and redemption.

During the program, I experienced a profound transformation. It was like a veil had been lifted, revealing a path to renewal and spiritual awakening. Through God’s love and grace, I found the strength to confront my demons and embrace a life of faith.

Since that pivotal moment, my life has been forever changed. No longer do I wake up to the suffocating weight of addiction and despair. Instead, each day is a testament to God’s mercy and grace, filled with purpose and joy as I walk the path of service and devotion to my Savior, Jesus Christ.”

*This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.

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